Monday, March 29, 2010

ravensdale-cumberland road race

Rode the Cat 5 yesterday; it was a weird race. The pace was slow. I haven't done a road race in a while, maybe I'm just used to the pace of criteriums which usually seem ballistic from the start. A guy on a cyclocross bike made a run for it early on and no one wanted to chase him down. Despite having at least 5 guys in the race the Bikesale people weren't doing much at the front. After mile 20 or so the pace on the downhills especially was annoying and I went after the breakaway rider even though I knew it was doomed. We rode together for a while, my breakaway mate was a good sport and still wanted to pull after a rest, but we were eventually caught. After a bit we crested a hill, saw the 200 m sign, and I sprinted up the right side as best I could and only one of the bikesale guys passed me. Props to the breakaway rider, don't know his name, he spent a lot of time in the wind.

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  1. Nice job on 2nd place Conrad!
    That was my first RR, I was having a hard time understanding all the braking. I worked my ass off to bridge up to you guys on the break but couldn't quite get there.