Friday, September 24, 2010

fall and cyclocross are upon us!

The days are shorter, there is a chill in the air on the morning commute, green tomatoes are rotting on the vine.... and the first cross race of the year. It is definitely fall.

I wasn't able to do any of the races leading up to Starcrossed which is too bad because I always use that first race to work out mechanical gremlins. Last year my saddle fell off at the labor day race. My result wouldn't show it but there was only one minor problem, difficulty clipping into pedals. I was using my wifes eggbeater candys because the bearings in my regular eggbeaters are shot. I have trouble getting into them though, even after commuting on them for several days. I had the usual far back starting position, couldn't clip in and lost even more ground. Then I found my rhythm and started passing people. The legs felt good but the cross back was particularly bad. I'm hoping it was just the flat bumpy course and not an omen of things to come. Last year I could crack the top ten in the Seattle series races and I feel like I'm in better condition this year so we'll see how it goes. For some reason I never do well at Starcrossed, even considering the larger and stronger field compared to the series races. I usually get stronger as the season progresses but I was hoping the summer track racing would give me a head start on cyclocross this year. We'll see!

The Viking guys were out in force and generously offered me a beer and brat after my race and then I took up my post as crossing guard for the elite womens race. Its always good to watch the elites race and try and learn a few things. In the mens race I was hoping Trebon or Page would take it. I was disappointed to see the French jersey of Mourey way out in front on the first lap. Trebon would catch him and they would ride the rest of the race together. It was a nail biting final lap but I watched Mourey outsprint Trebon in the final straight. Mourey would go on to win the Rad GP the following day and Cross Vegas the following week. I'm thinking he is happy with his decision to make the trip over here- thats a lot of UCI points. The evening format, level of competition, crowds, and beer make Starcrossed the cross event of the season in the northwest. Don't miss it!

Well the old eggbeaters are going back on for this Sunday. I hope they don't fall apart. Maybe I'll buy a new pair. My transitions will be flawless. I've been practicing dismounts and remounts on the way home from work. I even ran stairs last week. See you at the cross races.

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