Sunday, February 9, 2014

Retrofitting a bike for metal fenders

The sliding bracket on my SKS fenders that always comes loose once again broke.  So rather than replace them I looked into having some eyelets added to the seatstay and chainstay of my old Bianchi Volpe, perpendicular to the tire.   It turns out that Garth at can do this quickly and for a very reasonable charge.

I had them add an eyelet to the Surly front rack and place a star nut in the fork steerer for the front fender too.  I went with stainless Berthoud fenders.  Somewhat heavier than alloy fenders but less expensive and this is already a heavy bike (the Surly front rack with its hardware weighs more than some racing frames out there).  The fenders went on easily, look really nice, and keep water off the feet a lot better than the SKS fenders due to not having a bracket on the underside of the fender and a rolled edge.  And being attached directly to eyelets, they should not loosen or break like SKS fenders tend to.

This is an easy and worthwhile project if you have a frame that you like and that has seatstay and chainstay bridges, just not with the right holes.... 

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