Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Olympic View Road Race

Here is what I'm thinking during this race (cat 4):
It really doesn't matter in a road race, but why I am perpetually at the very back of the peloton at the start?  Oh well, there's not much wind back here.  Makes for a nice warm up.

The pace really isn't all that high for a state championships road race.  Why is it that a thursday night at Seward  Park can hurt so badly, and everyone just sits in at a more prominent race?  Maybe people don't want to burn too many matches too soon, whereas at Seward you're just going to attack for the fun of it since no upgrade points are at stake?

All right, finally getting things strung out a little on these rollers.  I'm finally near the front of the peloton.  These guys look like they're trying to push the pace.  Maybe I'll roll off the front and see if I can drag some people with  me.  I like my odds in a breakaway more than in a bunch sprint.  (Look back)  Jesus why is no one coming with me.  This race isn't even half over yet.  Crap.  Oh what the hell I'm going for it.  Elbows on the bars, TT style.  Hmm, I feel okay, heart rate is 170, and I don't see the pack anymore.  Maybe there is the slightest chance I can pull this off.

This is a pretty course.  That creek is running high.  Hello again dogs.  Oh good, finally, that twisty descent.  Come on lead car, a little more space please.  Back on the flats.  Wow, I still don't see the pack.  I feel okay but I'm not sure I will after the rollers start again.

Uh-oh, I see the pack now, although still a ways back.  Last lap, come on legs.  Heart rate still 170 but the legs are starting to feel heavy.  If I can just make it to the chicane downhill by myself I can put in a little more time and hold them off to the line.  Shit they're getting close.  (A few more bends in the road) Ahhh damn its over.  Nothing like getting caught 2 or 3 k from the finish.

Here is a nice video at the end you can see the crash that I was fortunate enough to be directly behind.  I went over the bars but not too badly and I was able to finish.

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