Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The war on cars in Seattle

We've heard a lot about this lately, and the Seattle Times as usual is doing a great job of alerting everyone to the terrible plight of  motorists in this city.  It is a god given right to drive a car, occasionally run over pedestrians and cyclists that are in your way, and have free parking on public space after all.

I wish the people that talk about the war on cars in this city would spend just one day using a bicycle or their feet for all their daily transportation needs.  Maybe have to carefully plan a route to go to work or pick up their kids from school that doesn't go on dangerous roads. Then they might realize that our transportation infrastructure really is designed for cars and other users of public roadways are often distinctly marginalized.

But given $4/gallon gas with no relief in sight, peak oil, global warming, and all the related craziness that is finally seeing some mainstream light in the last 10 years-  the age of the automobile is coming to an end and there is bound to be some pushback.  Actually I'm surprised there is not more.

On a pleasant note- May is bike month.  What can you do for bike month?  I've heard so many great ideas but  I think the big one is to just get your bike out, ride it, and have a good time.  The more cyclists out there, the more visible we are, and more people will get out and join us.  And again on a positive note, our transportation infrastructure (for bikes) is better now than it was 10 years ago.  We're making progress.

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