Friday, June 29, 2012

Obligatory Tour de France post

So the tour starts Saturday.  Can we all just agree from the beginning that Chris Horner, even though he is over forty, is the only real American podium contender.
 Incidentally, Obamacare was signed into law today.   I can't decide whether that is a good thing or not but either way, lets add to the list of reasons for the lack of success for American bike racers, that maybe nobody is racing their bike because we all know we're one broken collarbone away from filing for personal bankruptcy.  
Maybe we shouldn't write off Leipheimer just yet, if he can manage a Cadel Evans-like transformation from wheel sucking second place whiner to World Champ/Tour Champ badass.  I think I would like to see a Cadel repeat in the tour this year.  I want to see him literally or figuratively punch whoever tries to take that stuffed lion from him.

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