Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tour notes

So I wasn't too far off with my prediction of Chris Horner being the best placed American.  He finished 19 minutes off of Wiggins, in 13th place.  I didn't anticipate Tejay van Garderen riding so well: 5th place and 11 minutes off of Wiggins.  He is from Tacoma!  And interestingly, van Garderen outrode his captain, Cadel Evans.  Chris Horner was the strongest climber on his team in the Pyrenees.  I have to wonder, like always, what he would be capable of as a team captain.  He is always top ten or close to top ten in the GC while riding as a domestique.
Garmin basically had a disaster tour, aside from David Millar salvaging a stage win.  Maybe only Cofidis was having a worse time?  I feel bad for Tyler Farrar.  I think a lot of people were expecting more this year.  Its hard to know what you are capable of in a sprint if you can't stay off of the pavement.  And that is the final thought- why so much crashing this year?  I don't think there was a crash-free stage this year aside from the time trials.

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