Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Done with USA cycling

I've been disappointed with the governing body of bicycle racing here in the US for a while but this article at Velo News is pure gold.  So here is my first resolution of 2013:  I am not purchasing a racing license from USA cycling until there are some big changes and maybe Steve Johnson is gone.  I am conflicted about this  a little because I feel that at the local level, people have been putting on excellent races and series under the auspices of USA cycling- such as the Seattle Cyclocross series and the MVA.  I have also done OBRA and  MFG races though, and I know they are awesome and these people are making a tremendous effort on the grassroots side of the sport and it shows.  OBRA's approach is what is going to grow the sport of bicycle racing in the long haul.  Through hard work and a love of the sport, OBRA has developed the largest cyclocross series in the world by participation.  Its a bottom-up, people power approach.  USA cycling is a top down, republican-trickle-down-economics approach.  And interestingly a lot of professional riders are not happy with this approach either.  I'm not going to support USA cycling if they are going to actively interfere with OBRA or any other alternatively sanctioned series or event.

Sometimes I think bicycle racing is a pointless narcissistic endeavor that I should just abandon entirely. There are plenty of other ways to ride a bicycle.  But then on the other hand I think that it really is a beautiful sport, physically demanding, and a lot of fun.  I am proud of my modest achievements as an amateur bike racer, I have had fun doing it, and I am proud of the power in my legs.

So this year it might be MFG cyclocross races and the odd trip down south for OBRA road and track events.  I really wish WSBA would follow the lead of OBRA though- and ditch USA cycling.

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