Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't give a shit about Lance Armstrong

What do you do you if you have a dark heavy secret that you have kept buried for so long?  Of course, you go tell Oprah (for a lot of money I'm sure)
I honestly don't care  about Lance- he is not the first and won't be the last professional athlete to cheat and then lie about it.  The bigger problem is that his national and international governing body helped him do it.  If Lance really did care about the sport, about the only thing he could do at this point is say: " I could only get away with this because the UCI and USA Cycling helped me."  Then we could get rid of the people in charge of those organizations and we  might see some real change in the sport.  Right now if I want a racing license I have to mail a check to USA Cycling or the UCI if I want to race in Canada.  Steve Johnson and Hein Verbruggen are still in charge and acting like nothing is wrong.  If the governing body of the sport is cheating, and everyone knows it, how can anyone ever take bicycle racing seriously?  Lance has not only screwed over his past competitors- he is screwing the next generation too because right now nobody is interested in sponsoring a bicycle racing team.  Can't say I'm surprised.
To those that say "Lance Armstrong still won those 7 tours because all his competitors doped too..." In a way they are right- I don't care about what place Basso would up with either.  What I do care about is that there was probably some poor Colombian kid that would have beaten Lance on a level playing field.  Any legitimate competition needs rules.  At this point its looking like a rigged game with the UCI in charge.  If some people are allowed to dope and others aren't, you might as well retroactively move the finish line.  Now bicycle racing is about as legit as WWF wrestling.
Screw it.  Unless there is change where it counts- I'll be riding in a wool jersey in any event that doesn't require a license from USA cycling or the UCI.

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